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Netzpolitik.org article

PEALS' Dr Matthias Wienroth and colleagues from the STS@Freiburg Initiative published an opinion piece on the German platform netzpolitik.org who report on digital liberties issues.

Their article entitled "Fahndung nach dem genetischen Phantom: Bayern will umstrittene DNA-Analyse erlauben", translated as 'Investigating the genetic phantom: Bavaria aims to permit controversial DNA analysis', addresses the limitations of new advanced DNA analyses (forensic DNA phenotyping & biogeographical ancestry prediction) in the criminal justice context, and the limitations of the Bavarian Bill.

The article (available here, in German) was published on 14th May, a day before the Bavarian parliament voted on the issue. In the late hours of 15th May, the Conservative majority voted for the bill, which will now be turned into law.


published on: 16 May 2018