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PEALS 20th Anniversary Seminar: Dr Michael Szollosy, 'Exploring the Social Impacts of Telepresence and Teleoperation'

Dr Michael Szollosy visited PEALS on May 8th to meet colleagues to discuss shared interests and to deliver the second of our Peals 20th Anniversary Seminars.

Michael’s work with Sheffield Robotics draws on his background in literature, cultural studies and behavioural and cognitive sciences to engage audiences with the potentials of new robotic and telepresence technologies.  These give humans the possibility of experiencing the world from a point-of-view other than that from their own eyes.  

Michael spoke about the Cyberselves project he is involved in, which involves the use of immersive technologies using virtual and augmented reality, telepresence and teleoperation to allow the experience of self to be radically altered along physical, temporal and social dimensions.

Together with his robotic companion, Michael was able to demonstrate as well as discuss these concepts and engage with questions about how the technology may be developed to meet societal needs, and how those needs might be identified.

published on: 10 May 2019