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Register to Watch the Latest Debates on Human Genome Editing

Pauline McCormack , PEALS Senior Lecturer, will be giving a talk at this international summit and you can register to watch the summit online

The Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing is being convened in Hong Kong in November, to discuss the latest scientific, social, ethical and legal questions around Human Genome Editing.

The Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing will continue to advance the global dialogue on these issues by bringing together a broad range of stakeholders — including researchers, ethicists, policymakers, patient groups, and representatives from science and medical academies and organisations worldwide — to explore topics including: 1) potential benefits and risks inherent in conducting genome editing research and in considering clinical applications; 2) ethical and cultural perspectives; 3) legal, regulatory, and policy considerations; and 4) public outreach and engagement.

Anyone can register to watch the meeting live online. 


Dr Pauline McCormack

published on: 13 November 2018