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Impact and engagement work with the Great North Museum

Events over the summer pave the way for future research

PEALS researchers, Ken Taylor and Marianne Wilde, have continued working over the summer with the Great North Museum (GNM) and colleagues on the Synthetic Portabolomics project. 

Ken led six ‘pop-up interventions’, ably assisted by three students from Newcastle University’s Museum, Galleries and Heritage Masters courses, during the GNM’s prestigious ‘Dippy on Tour’ exhibition over the summer. The team interacted with 399 visitors (including 240 children), completing activities such as making a clock or an origami butterfly. Jigsaw puzzles were made for smaller children. 

All activities aimed to start conversations about aspects of synthetic biology; such as the possible uses of a circadian clock from cyanobacteria or the research being done on DNA and RNA origami nanostructures.

Visitors reported enjoying the activities and Ken successfully recruited a number of adults interested in continuing conversations in focus groups to be run later this year.

This work was funded by Newcastle University’s HASS Faculty Impact Fund, the SAgE Faculty’s EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account and the Portabolomics project.

Activities on the six 'pop-up interventions'

PEALS Researchers at the GNM on Synthetic Portabolomics Project
PEALS researchers engaging with visitors on activities such as making a clock or an origami butterfly

published on: 11 October 2019