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The Ethics and Regulation of In Vitro Gametogenesis

PEALS Executive Director Jackie Leach Scully was in London on 14 and 15 September, attending two days of a conference on 'The Ethics and Regulation of In Vitro Gametogenesis'.

Funded by the Wellcome Trust and hosted by King's College London and Lancaster University, the conference aimed to discuss a wide range of social and ethical issues raised by recent new developments in techniques that may be able to generate gametes, and therefore embryos, entirely in vitro.

Panels included discussions of the biology of IVG; the role of choice in creating 'future people'; comparisons of regulatory frameworks in different countries; and stakeholder perspectives. Jackie gave a response to a paper by Dr Birgit Beck, assistant professor at the Technical University of Berlin, entitled '(Why) would it be wrong to create children without genetic parents?'.

Jackie Leach Scully
Professor Jackie Leach Scully

published on: 15 September 2017