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Visiting Researcher Dr Nils Ellebrecht

PEALS is joined by Nils Ellebrecht as Visiting Researcher between March and May 2020.

Nils is a Research Associate at Freiburg University, Germany, where he is Co-Investigator of the Independent Research Group: Human Diversity in the New Life Sciences: Social and Scientific Effects of Biological Differentiations (SoSciBio), a network project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Nils received his PhD in organisation sociology, studying emergencies, rescue services, and triage concepts. At PEALS, Nils will engage with colleagues working on social, ethical and legal aspects of forensic technologies, criminal justice and healthcare, to further his research into practices at the interface of police investigations, legal regulations and forensic laboratories.

Dr Nils Ellebrecht

published on: 5 March 2020