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PEALS 20th Celebration Event 'Writers Talking Writing – Bioethics'

On Monday 4th March 2019 we held a Writers Talking Writing: Bioethics event at the Great North Museum in Newcastle.

PEALS is distinctive in its track record of collaborating with creative artists of different kinds, and this event focused on some of the projects that have brought writers and PEALS academics together over the years.

Poets Marilyn Longstaff and Rachel Mann and novelist Stephanie Butland all read from their work, and reflected on the creative process and their work in conversation with PEALS academics Professor Jackie Leach Scully and Dr Simon Woods.

This was a successful and thought-provoking afternoon that generated discussions around bioethics in relation to genetic technologies, organ transplantation and reproductive medicine.

Writers Talking Writing

published on: 19 March 2019