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Mathematical Sciences Research (UoA10)

Who we are

Newcastle University has a strong and balanced portfolio in the mathematical sciences.

Its long-standing philosophy has been to develop complementary areas of expertise. This allows inter-sectional research relationships to flourish alongside core disciplinary research.

What we do

The School has a broad base of mathematical science research, covering:

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Physics (from 2017)

The School has made significant progress in line with the overarching strategy to pursue research.

We were able to expand our cross-disciplinary research output through close links with the new Physics section. We also worked in collaboration with the Newcastle Centre for Life and the Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit.

Integration and influence

The University has defined five pillars of strength, which we align our vaues with:

  • ageing and health
  • data
  • energy
  • cities
  • culture and the creative arts

The School leverages internal investment. This creates bridges between fundamental mathematical research and more applied areas.

Our NU Solve unit provides the front-door for both business and engagement collaborative projects. We enhance impact across all of the School's main areas of research.

Contributions to the economy and society

We have expanded business- and industrial-based research by:

  • appointing an academic Director of Business Engagement
  • creating NU Solve
  • appointing skilled support staff

Since the last REF, we supported over 100 industrial partners. We also attracted seven Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

NU Solve acts as a conduit between the School and the outside world. It offers support for our academics to engage with non-academic partners and other schools in the University. Since 2014, NU Solve has supported around 100 companies, including:

  • Shell
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • the Met Office
  • Sellafield
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Pfizer

An important component of NU Solve work is to engage with students to increase the number of placements and internships.

Our industrial partners in the UK and abroad, include:

  • the Newcastle United Foundation
  • Nissan
  • Northern Gas Networks
  • Smartodds
  • Shell Amsterdam
  • Northumberland County Council

Outreach activities

The Applied Mathematics section have contributed to many local events to popularise science. They include:

  • STEMfest2019
  • Palace of Science
  • Bitesize Uni
  • Pint of Science

They also contributed to a series of videos which forms part of an exhibition on ‘Space’ at the Centre for Life Museum, in Newcastle.

We also organise many Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) events with external speakers. This has included the successful annual Wisdom meeting, which promotes women in mathematics.

Values and commitments

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is a major focus of the School. It has prompted many initiatives to improve diversity. We also want to promote more collegiality and an improved working environment for all staff. The School holds Athena SWAN bronze and will apply for silver at the next round.

The many initiatives fall under three broad categories:

  • recruitment
  • improving workplace culture
  • improving the pipeline

Promoting a diverse and inclusive community will remain a key focus. We ensure we achieve this at all levels, including postgraduate researchers and professors.

The School will continue its successful practices around recruitment. We'll promote diverse leadership and run regular EDI training and community-building activities.

We will continually assess and challenge our culture and practices. We will follow the School and institutional Athena Swan, Race Equality Charter and Stonewall action plans.

Research case studies