Spatial Analytics and Modelling



Spatial Analytics and Modelling is a collaborative initiative working across faculties, schools and University research centres and institutes.


Name and roleResearch foci
Tony Champion 
Emeritus Professor of Population Geography
Migration, demography, cities, UK
Mike Coombes
Professor of Geographic Information
Geographical information and urban systems
Alison Copeland
Lecturer in Human Geography
Spatial inequalities in health, GIS and spatial modelling of large data sets
Rachel Franklin
Professor of Geographical Analysis
 Demographic change, shrinking cities, migration and spatial demography
Wen Lin
Lecturer in Human Geography
GIS and urban geography
Andy Pike
Professor of Local and Regional Development; Director of CURDS
Geographical political economy of local and regional development

Caitlin Robinson
Research Associate

 Spatial Inequality in the Smart City

Victoria Houlden
Research Assistant


Architecture and Planning

Name and roleResearch foci
Roger Burrows
Professor of Cities
Inter-disciplinary dialogues between humanities, social science and urban science
Carlos Calderon
Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Local energy planning
Jane Midgeley
Lecturer in Planning 
Sustainable food planning, food security and food provisioning practices 
Neil Powe
Senior Lecturer in Planning 
Planning and non-market economic valuation 
Mark Tewdwr-Jones
Professor of Town Planning 
Urban and regional planning and governance, and city futures 
Sebastian Weise
Lecturer in Digital Civics 
Spatial dimensions to participation in urban planning 


Name and roleResearch foci
Stuart Barr
Professor of Geospatial Systems Engineering
Geoinformatics, geospatial modelling
Richard Dawson
Professor of Earth Systems Engineering
Risks associated with urban and infrastructure systems
Dave Fairbairn
Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Science
GIS, citizen science,  geovisualisation
Stephanie Glendinning
Professor of Civil Engineering
Environmental geotechnics, climate change modelling
Phil James
Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Science
GIS, sustainability

Computing Science and the Digital Institute

Name and roleResearch foci
Nick Holliman
Professor of Visualisation
Exploration and visualisation of spatial and big data
Watson, Paul, Professor
Professor of Computing Science and Director of the Digital Institute
Scalable information management and cloud computing

Mathematics and Statistics

Name and roleResearch foci
Stafano Castruccio
Lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics
Big data analytics and modelling, climate change
Emilio Porcu
Professor of Statistics
Darren Wilkinson
Professor of Stochastic Modelling
Bayesian analysis and software development, cloud computing technology for big data and computational statistics

Institute for Sustainability

Name and roleResearch foci
Phil Taylor
Professor of Electrical Power Systems and Director of the Institute for Sustainability
Energy storage management, infrastructure and control, smart grid technology

Marine Science and Technology

Name and roleResearch foci
Clare Fitzsimmons
Lecturer in Marine Spatial Planning, GIS and Remote Sensing
GIS and remote sensing in marine environments
Miguel Morales Maqueda
Senior Lecturer in Sea Level and Climate
Marine measurement and mapping using autonomous underwater vehicles
Nick Polunin
Chair of Marine Environmental Science
Marine ecosystems modelling, mapping and resource use