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How to find work on campus

How to find work on campus

Information about how to look for on campus work opportunities

How to find job opportunities

There's a wide range of paid work opportunities available on campus each year including casual temporary roles and internships.   

Opportunities on campus are often advertised via MyCareer - search using 'Newcastle University' in the Organisation search field. 

You can also find student jobs advertised on School notice boards or on the University's main vacancies portal.

For further information about how you can search for and apply for other opportunities on campus please visit the Opportunities on Campus site.

Are there work opportunities at Newcastle University Students Union (NUSU)?

Work at NUSU is not advertised or organised in the same way as work for Newcastle University. You can find out about job opportunities at the students union on their ‘Work for Us’ website.

Can I volunteer or undertake work shadowing on campus?

All work (including internships and short work assignments such as working during open days) must be paid and booked in advance using the My Working Hours app.

Volunteering and work shadowing is different to paid work. Volunteering includes representation activity such as being on a Staff Student Committee, Peer Mentoring, attending a focus group, or otherwise voluntarily offering to share your experiences with other students. Work shadowing includes short periods observing activities (such as in a research lab) but does not include hands on activity without close supervision.

Your school office will be able to tell you about volunteering opportunities they have available. NUSU also runs Go-Volunteer which aims to help Newcastle University students find volunteering opportunities.