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Centre for Transformative Neuroscience

Understanding the brain in health and disease remains one of the great challenges of our time.

The Centre for Transformative Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary centre. It tackles major questions about how the brain and nervous system work. It also seeks to find better ways to diagnose and treat devastating brain disorders.

Our ambition is to advance fundamental and translational neuroscience. This is to help bring transformative benefits to patients and society.

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New research to better understand ageing and dementia-related diseases

Newcastle University is collaborating with national experts to understand ageing and dementia-related diseases better in the hope of improving future treatments.

People with Parkinson’s benefit from new Home Based Care pathway

A pioneering care programme through which people with Parkinson’s are supported in managing and monitoring their condition at home has been shown to have benefits for patients and care teams.

Multimillion rehabilitation trial for children with neurodisability

Newcastle is leading a clinical trial to assess how parents and professionals can support young children with neurodisability to develop independence in everyday self-care tasks.

Access to dementia research extended across the UK with nearly £50m

More people with dementia will take part in research and help develop new treatments, as Government gives £49.9m into a coordinated network of dementia trials sites across the UK.

From dawn of time to dusk – our evolutionary ability to perceive time

Scientists have shown that people are able to tell apart morning from evening depictions in paintings using simple and subtle colour clues in the image.

Cardiac and exercise physiologist honoured with commemorative plaque

The Physiological Society has dedicated a commemorative blue plaque in honour of the outstanding cardiac and exercise physiologist, Francis Arthur Bainbridge.

Prof Jenny Read appointed as ARIA director

Professor of Vision Science, Jenny Read, has been announced as one of the founding Programme Directors of the Advanced Research and Invention Agency, ARIA.

Neuroscientist awarded prestigious prize to fund brain research

Dr Srikanth Ramaswamy has been announced as one of six new Fellows selected for the 2023 Lister prize.

Tracking sleep with an innovative sensor may help diagnose dementia

A new research project has been launched to develop a technology that could help identify people at risk of dementia by analysing their sleep patterns.

Unlocking the secrets of long Covid

New research sheds light on the causes of fatigue after Covid 19.