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Race equality

We want to create inclusive environments and support the wellbeing of colleagues, students and visitors.

In 1967, Newcastle University awarded Dr Martin Luther King Jr. an honorary doctorate in Civil Law – the first/only university to do so. We’re proud of this legacy and are committed to promoting race equality and inclusion across our UK and global campuses. We use the framework of the Race Equality Charter to focus our work on race equality.

We use the Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter (REC) to identify and self-reflect on institutional and cultural barriers standing in the way of colleagues and students from minority ethnic backgrounds. Newcastle University became a member of the REC in March 2019 and hold an REC Bronze Award as of July 2022.

Newcastle University has committed to adopt the charter’s five fundamental guiding principles in all our work on addressing racial inequalities.

Read the Working towards the Race Equality Charter October 2020 Action Plan and Workstreams.

Embedding our commitment in university practice

We want to create inclusive environments and support the wellbeing of colleagues, students and visitors. We therefore aim to cultivate a university culture in which students and colleagues feel empowered to report inappropriate behaviour at all levels.

We are constantly working to improve our processes for reporting these incidents, and our new in-house Student Health and Wellbeing Service enables us to respond quickly and efficiently.

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The reporting infrastructure is open to anyone, meaning all colleagues, students and visitors are able to make an anonymous or named report.

We realise that reporting inappropriate behaviour can be daunting, so we encourage our employees on every level to actively do their part to create a supportive environment. Employees also have the ability to make reports on behalf of another colleague or student.

Internally, we’ve developed some essential training programmes, including active bystander training and unconscious bias training, to further embed racial equality into our workplace.

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Join our network!

NU-REN: the NU Race Equality Network is a vibrant cross-faculty network for colleagues and PGR students from minoritised backgrounds. It serves as a community of support and a platform of institutional engagement.