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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

As a Stonewall Global Diversity Champion, we are finding even more ways to ensure Newcastle is LGBT and non-binary inclusive.

Stonewall Diversity Champions programme

The Stonewall Diversity Champions programme is the leading best-practice employers' forum for organisations who are committed to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) inclusion.

As an international organisation with campuses in Malaysia and Singapore and partners elsewhere, we joined the Global Diversity Champion Programme in 2016 as we want to ensure this commitment extends to all colleagues across all of our locations.

Stonewall membership provides us access to a vast bank of information, experience and knowledge, helping us to ensure that all LGBT colleagues are accepted without exception in the workplace.

As a Diversity Champion we will:

  • develop and share good practice by discussing what works and what doesn’t
  • communicate commitment to LGBT inclusion and that all who work or study here will be fully supported
  • recognise the benefits of diversity for employees, customers and service users in competitive markets
  • promote the University as an employer of choice for LGBT people
  • provide leadership on LGBT inclusion and wider equality, diversity and inclusion issues

The Rainbow Network

The Rainbow Network has been established by and for members of the University community with the purpose of:

  • supporting LGBT+ colleagues and students
  • challenging heteronormativity
  • promoting inclusion of people of diverse genders, sexualities, and relationships

We aim to do so through engagement in actions which produce and embed transformational change for individuals and groups. We work upwards and outwards through the community and University to support individuals and change structures and systems that do not support them.

Open to all colleagues and PGR students

Rainbow is open to colleagues and PGR students of all genders and sexualities, and across all grades and roles (admin/technical/research/academic/support). We engage in and provide advocacy, education, celebration and promotion of diversity and inclusion.

We do this by developing, maintaining and enhancing a presence at the University through events. We influence University policy on all matters relevant to LGBT+ inclusion.

Networks of support

We offer networks of support by working with other EDI groups at Newcastle and LGBT networks at other universities, including:

  • being a contact point for people experiencing bi/homo/transphobia
  • signposting to existing University and community support
  • developing guidelines for staff and students on dealing with bi/homo/transphobia

Embedding LGBT in University practice

We seek to challenge and transform University practice so that LGBT+ issues embed in planning and are considered in:

  • launching new initiatives
  • reviewing existing policy and practice so that it can be revised where necessary
  • acting as an institutional critical friend

In turn, this works towards transforming culture and perceptions to reduce and eliminate everyday bi/homo/transphobia

Rights-based approach

Rainbow is a collaborative, inclusive and safe space in which all members are valued and equal. It adopts a rights-based approach informed by evidence, community needs and practice to developing ideas, initiatives and responding to requests for advice, support and in its advocacy.

We are open to a variety of ways of working as appropriate. These include responding to suggestions from beyond the network, working consensually wherever possible, and operating through focused working groups.