Placing the Rural in Regional Development

The CRE takes the lead in a newly-published special issue of Regional Studies.  It  features authors from across CRE, writing on a range of rural issues in regional development, from social exclusion and older people in the countryside, to the Common Agricultural Policy.  “Placing the Rural in Regional Development”, Regional Studies, Vol 43, no 10, December 2009 is guest edited by Neil Ward and David Brown.   

Papers and Contributors: 

Ward, N. and Brown, D.L. (2009) Placing the Rural in Regional Development, Regional Studies, 43, 1237-1244

Shucksmith, M., Cameron, S., Merridew, T and Pichler, F.(2009) Urban – Rural Differences in Quality of Life across the European Union, Regional Studies, 43, 1275-1289

Gorton, M., Hubbard, C and Hubbard L. (2009) The Folly of the European Union Policy: Why the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)  does not fit Central and Eastern Europe, Regional Studies, 43, 1305-1317

Lowe, P. and Ward, N. (2009) England’s Rural Futures: A Socio-Geographical Approach to Scenarios Analysis, Regional Studies, 43, 1319-1332

published on: 21st December 2009