The Centre for Rural Economy is a Newcastle University Research Centre specialising in interdisciplinary social science, researching rural development and policy, food and society, and the wellbeing of rural communities.

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Latest News

Newcastle to play key role in new centre to measure the effectiveness of UK energy, water, environment and food policies

Staff from the Centre for Rural Economy in the School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, will be key partners in a new national research hub, developing new ways to measure the effectiveness of domestic policies on energy, water, environment and food (the ‘nexus’), and how they affect wider society.

The focus of the Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (CECAN) will be to pioneer, test and promote evaluation approaches and methods across energy, environment and food, where complexity presents a challenge to policy interventions, and so contribute to more effective policymaking.

CECAN has been backed by £2.45 million of funding provided by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Natural Environment Research Council in collaboration with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; the Department of Energy and Climate Change; the Environment Agency; and the Food Standards Agency. 

The project brings together researchers from the University of Surrey, who are leading the Centre, Risk Solutions, and the universities of Cranfield, Durham, Newcastle Warwick, Westminster and York. Additional international co-investigators will be from the European Academy of Technology and Innovation Assessment and Arizona State University.

published on: 1st February 2016

Nanotechnology and food: What people think

Amongst the general public, many people will have heard of nanotechnology but do they understand the risks and benefits and how do they feel about it being used in the food industry?  Producers and processors need to understand what consumers think before any emerging technology can be used effectively, but the research in this area is limited.  Academics from Newcastle have been involved in an extensive and ground breaking review of the literature and found that overall the public is more willing to accept nanotechnology being used in food packaging than in the food itself.  The research has been published in the Journal of Nanoparticle Research and was featured in Nature Nanotechnology Research Highlights.

published on: 25th January 2016

Not the Mighty II: Time for a Revolution in Chilean Rural Development Policy?

Guy Garrod and Menelaos Gkartzios have been in Chile, visiting project partners.  Although many miles apart, people in the UK and Chile express many of the same feelings and concerns about living in rural areas.   In our blog Guy reflects on their visit, the fascination of the country and the welcome they received from people there.

published on: 22nd January 2016

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