Safety in the kitchen

Dr Mary Brennan, Dr Sharron Kuznesof and Helen Kendall (current Food Standards Agency PhD student) have been successful awarded in collaboration with Dr Wendy Wills, University of Hertfordshire and Professor Peter Jackson and Dr Angela Meah (University of Sheffield) a Food Standards Agency project entitled: Domestic Kitchens and Food Safety: Exploring Practices, Technology and Design (‘Kit Safe’).  The project will run from Nov 2011-May 2013 and is worth a total of £258,000.  A highly experience interdisciplinary research team involving: sociologists; food marketers; computer scientists (Professor Patrick Olivier, School of Computing Science, Newcastle University) and microbiologists (Genieus Labs) has been brought together to work on this project. KITSAFE aims to push both the methodological and empirical boundaries of domestic food practices and food safety research.  The project aims to explore how our domestic food safety practices (and in particular our adherence to best practice guidelines) are influenced by the domestic technologies/resources we have access to, the spatial constraints within our kitchens, the activities that take place in our kitchens (aside from food preparation, cooking and eating) and the how different members of the household use the kitchen.  The project aims to understand the roles each play, both individually and collectively, in 1) contributing to the risk of foodborne illness originating in domestic kitchens and 2) supporting and facilitating the future reduction of risk of foodborne illness originating in the kitchen

published on: 7th November 2011