Transatlantic links lead to comparative analysis

Researchers from the Centre for Rural Economy have worked with colleagues in the United States to produce a new book comparing challenges facing rural areas in the UK and US.  Published by Routledge.  Rural Transformations and Rural Policies in the US and UK,  looks at aspects of rural policy, food systems, migration between rural and urban areas, issues around ageing populations and entrepreneurism in a wide-ranging series of studies.  Duke of Northumberland Professor for the Rural Economy Philip Lowe has contributed a key chapter on “The Agency of Rural Research in Comparative Context”.  He said: “Here we are comparing two societies that think of themselves as rural and which are rooted in a common cultural history, but which have many features which differ from one another?  One of the functions of social science is to help us discern whether knowledge gained in one context may be applicable to another. Such knowledge is vital to support effective policy learning”.

The book is available at:

published on: 20th April 2012