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CfLaT Newsletter - Issues 24

The latest issue of our CfLaT Newsletter has arrived! 

Date posted: 20th May 2016



Education blog: An experience of a lifetime: a self-reflective journey to India

Coming to the end of my undergraduate studies in 2015 I had an open mind about where I wanted to go. Was it into a job? Was it further studies? The truth is I didn’t know. Looking at further study I knew I had to choose a course that would challenge me because I have the habit of staying within my comfort zone. 

Date posted: 18th May 2016



Workshop invitation: ‘If not for EU’

The EUROSOLE project led by SOLE Central at Newcastle University in collaboration with the Workers’ Educational Association North East invite staff and students to a free workshop taking place this Saturday 21st May.

Date posted: 17th May 2016



NETA Pedometer Challenge

This is the second pedometer challenge after a very successful event in 2015. The aim is to promote getting fitter and healthier, while raising money for NETA and having fun with friends and colleagues. 

Date posted: 16th May 2016



Questioning professional learning

There are so many devilish temptations when offered an open brief for an educational blog post in May 2016.  I could try to right some policy wrongs, perhaps by offering a critique of the hastily written and ill-informed White Paper. I could propose a more lucid and coherent approach for organising teacher training because, from where I am standing, it couldn’t get much more chaotic.

Date posted: 14th May 2016


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