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EVENT: UK-Japan Symposium on Intercultural Communication & International Universities

ALC staff members Adam Brandt and Chris Leyland are organising an international symposium to take place here at Newcastle University in early September!

Date posted: 18th June 2016



Education blog: The Case for a Community Curriculum Making

Picture the scene, it is Monday afternoon and twenty 14 year olds are listening with rapt attention to a group of elderly men and women.  Some are writing furiously while others are using their mobile phones to record what is being said.  Back at school with the guidance of their teacher the students will spend the week crafting beautiful stories. The spelling and punctuation will be accurate, the presentation stunning. 

Date posted: 17th June 2016



EVENT: The impact of poverty on education – New evidence on an old problem

An event hosted by Newcastle University Institute for Social Renewal in conjunction with Children North East and Schools North East, exploring the impact of poverty on education from a number of perspectives and launching an evaluation of the ‘Poverty Proofing the School Day’ initiative.

Date posted: 16th June 2016



EVENT: Comparing Parent-Reported and Directly-Observed Child Language and Parenting Behaviours

Parent-report and direct observational measures are frequently used to assess child outcomes and evaluate intervention success, although it is unclear whether these methods are interchangeable. 

Date posted: 14th June 2016



SOLE can change a child’s world

One of the brilliant things about SOLE is the fact that, with just an internet connection, a few computers, a bunch of children and a bit of guidance, anyone can do it. And that’s what we love about it.

Date posted: 10th June 2016


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