School of Engineering

Staff Profile

Jonathan McDonough

Research Assistant



Professional Memberships

  • Associate Member of IChemE


  • National SET Award for Best Chemical Engineering Student, Sponsored by AWE (2013)
  • MEng Top Student Prize (2013)
  • William Benedict Coleman Scholarship Recipient (2010)


Research Interests

  • Fluid flow & mixing (simulation and experimentation)
  • Oscillatory Baffled Reactors (OBRs)
  • Fluidic oscillators
  • Meso/micro-fluidics
  • 3D printing
  • Reaction engineering
  • Multivariate data analysis (PCA/PLS)

Current Research

Investigation of the application of fluidic oscillators to different areas of process intensification. Fluidic oscillators use internal fluid feedback to induce periodic oscillations. By operating these devices with multiple outlet channels, periodic flow switching between the channels leading to dual stream pulsations can be achieved. Current experiments are focused on reducing the volumetric flow rate requirements to make these devices more applicable to flow chemistry. In addition, these oscillators are being used to drive passive mixing in various reactor designs to improve the plug flow behaviour, and are being tested in shell-and-tube heat exchangers as a means of passively enhancing the heat transfer rates.