School of Engineering

Staff Profile

Dr Kayvan Pazouki

Lecturer in Marine Technology



I have been at sea for almost 9 years as seagoing engineer officer.

Roles and Responsibilities

Teaching of the following subjects as a lecturer in marine institute:
Fuel technology, General engineering knowledge, Motor engineering knowledge, thermodynamics, applied mechanics.
Engine Simulator short courses.


First Class Certificate of Competency

BSC Pakistan/AmirKabir, 1988 

MSC  Newcastle University , 2001

PhD  Newcastle University, 2012 


Previous Positions

Chief Engineer Officer
Lecturer and Senior Lecture at Marine Institute

Honours and Awards

 Best Marine Lecturer of the year(Iran), 2006

Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) scholarship, 1996 





Research Interests

Ballast Water Management Systems.

Inferential measurement and control of Ballast Water Treatment Systems.

Engine performance monitoring and exhaust emission prediction.

Design, development and optimisation of Marine Engineering systems, including Ballast water Management Systems.

Assessment of Engine Performance using additives/Catalysts in the fuel.

Assessment of Engine exhaust emission at various operation loads and conditions. 

Other Expertise

Merchant Navy Marine Chief Engineer

Current Work

EU Funded Projects:

  • BaWaPla:"Sustainable Ballast Water Treatment Plant"
  • INTERREG:"Clean North Sea Shipping"
  • EU (LIFE Programme): Clean Inland Shipping (CLINSH)

UK Government Funded Projects:

  • The control of the spread of non indigenous species through ballast water.
  • EPSRC: Shipping in Changing Climates
  • Innovate UK: Whole vessel Energy Efficiency Management

KTP Project:

  • .Development of shipboard fuel, engine performance and exhaust monitoring system with telemetry capability.
  • statistical and data mining techniques to facilitate the further development and enhancement of the company’s Enginei monitoring system.   

Future Research

Modelling, Optimization and Control of Marine Systems using Artificial Neural Network.

Research Roles

Project Manager for EU funded project (BaWaPla):"Sustainable Ballast Water Treatment Plant"

Project Manager for INTERREG project (CNSS):"Clean North Sea Shipping" 

Principal Investigator for KTP Project s

Co-Investigator for EPSRC, EU (LIFE) and Innovate UK Projects


  • CNSS – Clean North Sea Shipping 
    Project Leader(s): Hordaland County Council (Port of Bergen, Norway) and  Newcastle University is a beneficiary to this project. PI is Dr. Alan J Murphy
  • KTP Project 
    Project Leader: Dr. Kayvan Pazouki


Undergraduate Teaching:

Marine Engineering I (MAR1010)

Marine Engineering Design (MAR3033) Module Leader

Dynamic Modelling and Simulation (MAR3038) Module Leader


Postgraduate Teaching:

 Marine Power transmission (MAR8065)