School of Engineering

Staff Profile

Professor Keith Scott

Professor of Electrochemical Engineering



Research activities include:

  • Electrochemical power sources: fuel cells, batteries, microbial and biological fuel cells
  • Electrochemical environmental engineering, photochemical processes, Membrane materials and membrane separations


Research Interests

  • Fuel cells, power sources and energy systems,
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Electrochemical systems and engineering,
  • Reaction engineering, catalytic reactors
  • Membrane separation processes and membrane reactors

Esteem Indicators

Chairman, Advisory/Evaluation Board, Max-Planck Institute for Complex Dynamic Systems,

Research Council of Norway expert panel evaluation member

Co-ordinating member of ESF network in Biomass Usage in Fuel Cells

Manager of European Training Site, Electrochemical Energy and Environmental Systems.

Member of the EPSRC Engineering college.

Member of the British Standards Committee for Fuel Cells.

Editorial/Advisory Board Member:Fuel Cell Fundamentals, Hydrogen Energy. J. App. Electrochem, and Bull. Electrochem.

Member of the EPSRC ENERGY SAC board

Assessor for Research Grants Council: Hong Kong, Portugal, Norway

DTI large project panel evaluator and project monitor

Fellow of The IChem E

Second top author for publications in fuel cells in the years spanning 1993 to 2003 (ISI survey)

Industrial Relevance


Specialist Expertise
Electrochemical energy systems:
Fuel cells,
Polymer Electrolyte Fuel cells,
Proton conducting membranes,
Alkaline fuel cells.
Electrocatalysts, electrode and system design.
Biological and Microbial Fuel Cells.
Electrochemical environmental systems and engineering:
Water Treatment and Disinfection.
Reaction engineering.
Catalytic reactors.
Membrane materials and membrane separation processes.