Flow cytometry is a very powerful, laser based technology. It has been developed to facilitate cell sorting, cell counting, and biomarker detection through the use of fluorophore tagged antibodies and fluorescent proteins

What we offer

Based across two sites the Newcastle University Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides a comprehensive service to, internal researchers and external university and commercial clients.

With 10 instruments shared across two sites, we can cater to a wide variety of needs from single colour assays to complex 20 colour panels. With a cell sorter at each of our sites we are able to help you recover up to 4 populations of interest simultaneously, or sort single cells into multiwell plates or slides if required.


Cetre For Life We're here to help

Training is very much the focus for us. We offer internal user training for all new users on many aspects of flow cytometry.

We also offer onsite courses aimed at both new and experienced users looking to learn more about flow cytometry.
We also host and run an annual one day international conference focused on both practical flow cytometry and new developments in the field.


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