Former UN Official to visit Newcastle Law School

Mr Antonio Fortin will be visiting Newcastle Law School between 10 May and 20 June, as a Visiting Fellow, where he shall be working together with Dr Gil-Bazo on a research project on Diplomatic Protection. This research examines recent developments in the law of diplomatic protection, notably the right of EU citizens to diplomatic protection by EU Member States other than the one of nationality and judicial actions on the diplomatic protection of refugees and permanent residents by their host States. This research is part of a broader research project on nationality, citizenship and sovereignty.


Mr Fortin is a former senior official of the United Nations, where he served for 30 years at UNHCR in different posts, including Head of Legal Advice. Antonio has served in Madrid, London, Pakistan, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and Geneva, before retiring from Brussels in 2002. Since then, he has acted as consultant for UNHCR on the application of the Cartagena Declaration on Refugees and later for the Government of Bosnia-Herzegovina under a European Commission project on the drafting of legislation on the economic, social and cultural rights of refugees and returnees. Until 2010 he was an Associate Professor at the School of Government of the University of Chile, Santiago.


published on: 4th May 2010