Influencing in partnership with publics, policy makers and practitioners

influencingUsing our expertise we aim to inform and improve professional practice, public policy and decision-making across the life sciences. To achieve this, we feel that it is vital to work with different groups or ‘publics’, in order to draw from their expertise, as well as our own, and to provide opportunities for dialogue and engagement across the overlapping perspectives of publics, practitioners and policy makers. We pursue this work in a number of ways. These are not distinct sets of activities; instead they are integrated into all we do:

  • Partnerships with groups and individuals from outside academia, with an emphasis on practitioners, professionals and third sector organisations. These partnerships often make use of techniques in project development and design that are aimed at ensuring the partnership is genuinely collaborative and that all those involved get to fully participate in all stages of the project. These techniques are sometimes known as ‘co-inquiry’ or ‘co-production’;
  • Presenting research findings to regulatory and policy bodies as well as scientific, practitioner and business communities;
  • Creating opportunities for both knowledge exchange and public dialogue between a range of individuals, communities and organisations and sharing the insights produced with practitioners and policy makers;
  • Membership of national and international committees and providing policy advisory input;
  • Continuing professional development