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Caring for Philosophy in New York

On 21-22 April, a conference was held at Brooklyn College, New York, in honour of the work of feminist philosopher Professor Eva Feder Kittay on the occasion of her retirement.

Eva is well known to many of us at PEALS, and was a Visiting Professor with us in 2011-12.

'Caring for Philosophy' focused on Eva's enormous influence within feminist ethics and philosophy, especially work on disability, the ethics of care, and her groundbreaking conceptualisation of 'dependency work'. The two-day event
included panels on bioethics, care ethics, disability and feminist ethics. Among the notable speakers were Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Linda Martin Alcoff, Bruce Jennings, Michael Berube, Virginia Held, and Erik Parens.

Although unable to travel to New York, PEALS Executive Director Jackie Leach Scully was able to contribute by Skype from her home to the panel on disability ethics with a paper entitled 'Vulnerability and Dependency in Disability' 
- as our picture shows. Sadly, this meant she was unable to share in the post-conference party, where Eva spoke about her numerous colleagues and friends around the world, including at PEALS.

Jackie Leach Scully on Skype

published on: 24 April 2017