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German Department of Justice and Consumer Protection Symposium

PEALS Visiting Researcher Dr Matthias Wienroth was one of seven invited speakers at a symposium convened by the German Department of Justice and Consumer Protection in Berlin/Germany on Tue, 21 March 2017.

The event was held to inform policy-makers involved in the legislative process of revising the German Code of Criminal Procedure. For the first time in the German debate about expanding the current repertoire of DNA analyses in the criminal justice system, social and ethical aspects of two of the new technologies under consideration were addressed.

Matthias, together with co-speaker Prof Dr Veronika Lipphardt (Freiburg University), discussed several challenges and limitations of the new technologies which had previously not been considered in the public debate in Germany, and made suggestions on creating structures that would enable dynamic and distributive governance of new DNA analyses, effectively rendering their use safer than under current plans.

A brief summary of the day, and the key note of the German Justice Secretary Heiko Maas is available at the German Department of Justice and Consumer Protection (in German).

Matthias Wienroth
Dr Matthias Wienroth

published on: 23 March 2017