PEALS Past Colleagues


PEALS Past Colleagues

Michael Barr

Michael was Research Associate in PEALS from 2004-6, working on the Wellcome Trust-funded North Cumbria Community Genetics Project. Having spent two years as Research Fellow in the BIOS Centre, London School of Economics, he returned to PEALS in 2007 to take up a 5 year RCUK Fellowship. He is now Lecturer in International Politics in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology at Newcastle University.

Edmund Coleman-Fountain

Dr Edmund Coleman-Fountain joined PEALS in May 2011, as a Research Associate on the two year ESRC funded Embodied Selves in Transition: Disabled Young Bodies project, examining the transitions disabled young people make as they move towards adulthood. In October 2013 Ed took up a post in the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York.

Susan Dowdle

Susan joined PEALS in 2005 to work with Erica Haimes and Jacquelyne Luce on the Wellcome Trust-funded project Embryo Donation. This project looked at the views women and couples have on donating embryos from IVF to stem cell research. After leaving to travel round the world she came back to work for PEALS for six months in 2008-9 to help organise the Annual PEALS symposium and assist Erica and Ken Taylor on the MRC-funded study of women's attitudes to donating eggs from IVF treatment to stem cell research in exchange for reduced fees.

Anne Galbraith

Anne joined PEALS as Office Manager in 2001 and took up a post at the University of Edinburgh in 2015.

Jackie Haq

Dr. Jackie Haq MBE was a Visiting Researcher at PEALS until January 2015, following on from her role as a Research Associate on the Faithful Judgements project, a two-year research project from the ESRC, awarded to Dr Jackie Leach Scully, completed in January 2014.

Jacquelyne Luce

Anthropologist Dr Jacquelyne Luce joined PEALS in April 2004 to work with Erica Haimes on a research project which looked at views on donating embryos for stem cell and other research. In 2006 Jacquelyne was appointed a Research Fellow at Zeppelin University in Germany.

Tom Shakespeare

Dr Tom Shakespeare played a key role in the early years of PEALS, alongside Erica Haimes. He helped to create a distinctive identity for the Centre, based on innovative public engagement (e.g. Newcastle Cafe Scientifique, and sci-art initiatives) and multi-disciplinary research, with his particular focus on disability studies. After seven years of working full time for PEALS, Tom spent three years on a NESTA Fellowship, before taking up a part-time role with Beacon North East. Tom then spent five years working at the World Health Organization in Geneva. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia. In all these incarnations, he has kept up his informal links to PEALS and to the bioethics and science engagement agenda in general.

Jasber Singh

Dr Jasber Singh was a part-time Research Associate at PEALS from October 2005 to December 2006, fulfilling the role of Deputy Director of Co-Inquiry alongside Director of Co-Inquiry, Tom Wakeford. Whilst in PEALS Jaz took responsibility for disseminating work on public and community engagement, particularly on nanotechnology and various aspects of human and plant genetics. One highlight of his work was sharing a platform at McGill University with Professor Troy Duster, discussing the issue of how 'race' features in medicine and genetics. Jaz also worked with Simon Woods on the issues around public engagement on sex selection for the Life Knowledge Park. He is currently working on a project related to genetically-modified crops (particularly biofuels) and sustainable agriculture.

Sue Thompson

Sue joined Tom Shakespeare and Micheal Wright in 2003 to take part in the three year Restricted Growth Project. The project, in close association with the Restricted Growth Association, conducted research into medical and healthcare experiences and social issues for adults with skeletal dyplasias. It was unusual in that it maintained a dual focus on medical/health aspects as well as life experience and quality of life issues, especially with regards to barriers to inclusion. Sue has now taken up a post in the Department of Academic Neurology at the University of Sheffield.

Fionagh Thomson

Dr Fionagh Thomson joined PEALS in March 2006 as a Research Associate, working with Simon Woods on the EU-funded SmartHealth Project. Fionagh left PEALS in 2009 to become a Senior Research Fellow in the Division of Community Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh.

Tom Wakeford

Dr Tom Wakeford was Director of Co-Inquiry and Public Engagement at PEALS until 2010 and held a Visiting Fellowship until October 2012.