PEALS Research

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Our primary aim is to produce world class research focused on the social and ethical debates around the contemporary life sciences.  We have become internationally known for innovative research that draws on both our research activities, as well as on the expertise of our academic and community-based partners.

We work to foster knowledge exchange between researchers and other stakeholders, including: policymakers, practitioners, commercial developers, and diverse publics. Our goal is to ensure that our research has an influence on current and future agendas in these stakeholder fields.

Research themes and activities

At PEALS we aim to build on our longstanding and recognised strengths, while also being aware and open  to new opportunities within our areas of interest. Our key research strengths currently address themes across:

Reproductive and Genetic Medicine

Families, Kinship and Childhood

Embodiment and Identity

Research Ethics

Our approach cuts across a number of disciplines, as PEALS colleagues and collaborators apply their expertise within and between these themes.

Within these themes, PEALS conducts a variety of research activities including:

In addition to our current research, many of our completed projects continue to feed into our ongoing research activities.


Our recent research funders include the Brocher Foundation, the Economic and Social Research Council, the European Commission (6th framework programme), the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness, the Medical Research Council, the Northern Rock Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and the William Leech Charity.