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Faithful Judgements

Talking about religion and medical treatment for infertility or genetic disease

Fertility treatment


Have you ever faced making a decision to use, or not use, fertility treatment or genetic testing?

Is your religion or faith community an important part of your life?

Would you like to help us understand more about faith and decision-making?


For some people, their religious faith and practice plays an important part in their thinking about various issues, including medical decisions. We want to find out more about this.

We are a team of researchers from Newcastle and Durham Universities, interested in your views on treatment or testing for infertility or genetic disease. Our aim is to understand better what role religion plays when people decide for themselves about having, or not having, these treatments. This research will help ensure people get the information and support they need from medical services.

We want to talk one-to-one with people of faith (especially Christians, Muslims and Hindus) who have had to decide about using, or not using, any kind of fertility treatment or genetic testing. We want to hear the views of ‘ordinary’ people of faith – not scientists or religious experts!

You can read more about the project here:

Interested in taking part, or want to know more?  Please contact Jackie Haq (Newcastle University), Email: or Tel. 0191 2083260

And if you know someone else who might be interested, please tell them about us!

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