Recent conference highlights



Jackie Leach Scully was Co-organiser (with Hilde Lindemann) of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics Network conference, Mexico City, 23-25 June 2014

Pauline McCormack Co-organised a Workshop on Informed Consent for Data Sharing in Rare Disease, Rome, May 2014

Erica Haimes. Invited: 'I wouldn’t put them on eBay!', at Towards an ethics of bodily giving and sharing in medicine international conference, Uppsala, May 2014

Simon Woods, Keynote speaker, 'Ethical issues in data sharing for rare disease research', EURORDIS European Rare Diseases: International Patient Conference, May 2014


PEALS had a strong presence at the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) Conference held in October at The Sage, Gateshead. Janice McLaughlin was on the organising committee and scientific committee, ran workshops on the ethical and social issues of children's participation in research and on disability and sport and chaired a session exploring issues of identity and citizenship for disabled young people.

Jackie Leach Scully. Keynote: 'Faithful Judgements: moral pioneers between faith and biomedicine', 10th Norman Autton Memorial Lecture to the Hospital and Healthcare Chaplaincies Council, London, 9 October 2013

Pauline McCormack. Invited  'Advocacy, expectations and hype: communicating clinical trial results' at TREAT-NMD Alliance International Conference, Newcastle, UK, October 2013

Erica Haimes. invited presentation at the Panel on 'New Reproductive Technologies and the Reproduction of Inequality', American Sociological Association, New York City, August

PEALS hosted the Annual national meeting of the UK childhood disability research network in June


PEALS had a strong presence at the 11th World Congress on Bioethics, organised by the International Association of Bioethics and held in Rotterdam in June.

Erica Haimes. Invited plenary speaker, Using and Abusing Evidence in Science and Health Policy, Banff, Alberta, Canada, May-June

Jackie Leach Scully, 'How different is too different? Autism and the idea of a good life'. Invited plenary speaker at a meeting Autism, ethics and the good life organised by the Centre for Medical Law and Ethics and the Institute for Psychiatry, King's College London, Royal Society, London, 2 April

Jackie Leach Scully, Sarah Banks, Jackie Haq, Robert Song. 'Faithful Judgements: the Role of Religion in Lay People’s Ethical Evaluations of New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies'. Presented at Religion and (In) Equalities, British Sociological Association Sociology of Religion Study Group (SOCREL) Annual Conference, University of Chester, 28 – 30 March


Erica Haimes. Plenary speaker, ‘The missing stakeholders: what role should ‘lay’ citizens play in creating a sustainable ethics in stem cell research?’, International Society for Stem Cell Research Ethics and Public Policy Committee workshop, Pathways to a sustainable ethics in stem cell research, Brocher Foundation, Geneva, December

Erica Haimes, Ken Taylor, Ilke Turkmendag.  Women’s views and experiences of an ‘egg sharing for research’ scheme: does local practice have global implications?, European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics 25th Annual Conference, Bioethics from a cross-cultural perspective, Istanbul, September

Erica Haimes and Ken Taylor.  ‘Investigating women’s experiences of an IVF egg sharing scheme for SCNT research’, Exploring the ELSI Universe, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA (Presented by Taylor) (refereed selection), April

Erica Haimes.  ‘An investigation of women’s experiences of an IVF egg sharing scheme for somatic cell nuclear transfer (otherwise known as ‘therapeutic cloning’) research’, Department of Health Sciences seminar series, University of York, UK

Jackie Haq. Keynote: 'Whose story is it anyway? Challenging ‘expertise’ and co-producing knowledge: Reflections on university/community collaborations and border-crossings between activism and research'. Academic-activist Roundtable, Trafford Hall conference organised by Manchester, Birmingham, and De Montfort Universities, 20 September    

Pauline McCormack. Invited presentation ‘Life quality versus quality of life’, TREAT-NMD International Conference, Geneva, November

Janice McLaughlin.  Invited: ‘Potential familial and patient responses to gene therapy: lessons from current genetics provision in healthcare’, TREAT-NMD International Conference, Geneva, November

Janice McLaughlin. Invited: 'Families’ experiences of paediatric genetics: Findings from an ethnographic study'. British Society for Human Genetics Conference, Warwick University, 5– 7 September

Janice McLaughlin and Emma Clavering.  Panel: Exploring Medical Understandings of Childhood Difference, EASA Medical Anthropology Network Conference, Rome, September

Jackie Leach Scully. Keynote: 'Choosing disability, the law, and moral opinion', Reproducing Normality: Disability, Prenatal Testing and Bioethics Conference, University of Sydney, Australia, 7 December

Ilke Turkmendag. 'Genetic Essentialism and Child’s Right-to-know', King’s College London, April

Simon Woods, Pauline McCormack. Ethical issues in bio-marker research,TREAT-NMD International Conference, Geneva, November