From January 2007 to December 2012
Project Leader(s): Kate Bushby and Volker Straub
Staff: Simon Woods (Work Package Leader); Pauline McCormack (Research Associate)
Sponsors: European Union

TREAT-NMD was an EU Network of Excellence project funded for five years from January 2007 looking at the ethical and social aspects of research in neuromuscular diseases (NMD). It succeeded in improving NMD infrastructure and clinical practice across Europe including accelerating research into treatments such as specific gene-based therapies.

The project developed training materials and programmes for the researchers of the future, for example the online tutorial on 'The Ethics of Children in Clinical Trials'.

The network is continuing its work as the TREAT-NMD Alliance - Simon Woods and Pauline McCormack are working with the Alliance on ethical issues.   


Dr Pauline McCormack
Senior Lecturer

Dr Simon Woods
PEALS Co-Director