BEWISe Biological Engineering: Wastewater Innovation at Scale

Our Research Expertise

Our Research Expertise

Our research

Combining globally renowned research across a range of relevant areas.

BEWISe combines expertise in microbiology, electrochemistry, environmental engineering, and other fields.

We have internationally leading research groups in:

  • Mathematical Biology
  • Scalable Computing
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Hydrodynamics

These groups contribute to BEWISe research.

For over 70 years, we have combined academic excellence with application in Water Engineering and Engineering Biology. We have made notable advances in molecular microbial ecology.

We have developed novel solutions to the sustainable treatment of domestic, coal and metalliferous wastewaters. BEWISe will progress on the advances that we made on a large project on the simulation of open engineered biological systems.

BEWISe is available to academia and industry to make innovations in wastewater treatment a reality for the water sector.


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