Allergens & Nutrition

Allergens and Nutrition

Healthy Eating

We provide a wide range of fresh, healthy food for our students, staff and visitors to enjoy. Approximately half of our menu items are identified as Healthy Choice.

Our outlets offer a range of healthy options, including:

  • a range of hot vegetables
  • undressed salads
  • fresh fruit
  • natural fruit juices
  • homemade vegetable soups
  • vegetarian options

We ensure that:

  • fats and oils (especially saturated fats) are kept to a minimum
  • levels of sugar are kept to a minimum
  • levels of salt are kept to a minimum
  • we use locally-sourced milk and free range eggs

Drinking water is freely available in all our outlets. To minimise our environmental impact, we only stock locally-sourced bottled water.

Dietry Requirements

We do our best to accommodate dietary requirements wherever possible. Please ask our staff for further information about choices available.

Campus outlets

Vegetarian options are available in all outlets daily. If you follow a vegan diet and are unsure what is available, please ask a team member.

EAT@INTO serves Halal chicken dishes but please be advised that dishes are not made in a Halal certified kitchen.

We are unable to provide kosher meals.

Catered events on campus

With notice, we can cater for most dietary requirements. Please state your requirements when placing your order.

Although we do not have the facilities to provide Kosher food, we can put you in touch with a university supplier who may be able to assist. Vegan food may provide a suitable alternative, although it does not meet strict Kosher laws.

Halal products are available on request.


If you have a food allergy and would like specific information on the ingredients of catering or food sold in our outlets, please email us, call us on 0191 208 6363, or ask any member of eat@Newcastle staff. We provide a useful list of ingredients in an Allergen advice chart.

We cannot guarantee that our food does not contain traces of nuts.