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CESI Flex Fund

CESI Flex fund

Through our £800,000 fund, we support collaborative, high quality, energy systems research.

Energy integration

The EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration’s £800,000 flexible research fund provides support for collaborative, high quality, energy systems integration research.  It offers funding to to whole energy systems researchers at Universities or other institutions eligible to hold Research Council awards through the following mechanisms:

  • Responsive Mode Funding
  • Directed Call

CESI Flexible Research Funding Directed Call: Energy Systems Decision Support and Policy Formulation

Status update:  The Call for Expressions of Interest has now closed

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More information & how to apply

Call overview

Maximum proposal value: £100,000 at full economic costing (FEC)
Funding level: 80% of FEC
Available resource for this call: £300,000 (FEC)
Deadline for feedback and invites to proceed to full funding submissions: Friday, 6 December 2019

Contact for queries

Alison Norton
Research Support Officer, EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration
Tel: 0191 208 3586

Call aims

Aims of our Directed Flexible Research Fund Call

In this call for collaborative research proposals we are seeking submissions from universities or other eligible institutions to integrate and build upon existing CESI Research that will provide decision support and policy formulation, with particular focus on energy system integration methods and tools.

Areas of CESI Research that could be integrated or built upon include:

  • Operational multi-vector energy models
  • Planning multi-vector energy models
  • Questions of who pays for energy system transitions and when
  • Energy systems integration decision making under uncertainty
  • Carbon impacts of a range of energy systems integration approaches
  • The use of interdisciplinary methods for energy systems integration impacts
  • The use and integration of qualitative and quantitative techniques in energy systems integration
  • Future integrated control rooms
  • The use of demonstrators to explore questions of Energy Systems Integration

Funding is allocated through a transparent, competitive process, with award decisions made by consensus by the award panel. The criteria against which funding applications are assessed are listed in the full Call for Expressions of Interest document.

Download the full call for Expressions of Interest documentCESI Directed Call for EOI (PDF 0.3 MB)

CESI Flex Fund Project updates

At our International Scientific Advisory Board Meeting, the CESI Flex Fund project teams presented an update on their plans and progress on their projects. 

Information presented is available by downloading this file - CESI Flex Fund Project updates - Jan 2019