National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

CESI Flex Fund

CESI Flex fund

Through our £800,000 fund, we support collaborative, high quality, energy systems research.

Energy integration

The newly launched EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration’s £800,000 research fund provides support to UK energy systems researchers through:

  • Responsive Mode Funding
  • Directed Calls

This is this first responsive mode call for proposals for collaborative research. We are seeking research proposals from universities (or other institutions eligible to hold Research Council awards) to provide additional resources and skills to the CESI whole energy systems research.  

Aims of the Call

This first call is aimed at expanding the institutions collaborating with CESI. We request proposals that add value to the work already programmed and provide one or more of the following criteria to CESI:-

  • Extend or enhance our research programme
  • Link aspects to other UKRI research programmes
  • Address gaps
  • Introduce new organisations to the CESI consortium
  • Introduce new skills and disciplines to the CESI consortium
  • Fits with the UKRI mission of ensuring research and innovation continues to flourish in the UK
  • For innovations identified in whole energy systems sector within the last 24 months
    • Investigates emerging challenges and opportunities
    • Introduces emerging tools, techniques and/or methods 
Academic Consortium
CESI's Founding Academic Partners

Announcement of results of our first call for research proposals

The Centre's £800,000 flexible research fund, administered by Newcastle University,  is to support collaborative, high quality, whole energy systems research. 

This first call was aimed at expanding the institutions collaborating with CESI. After a competitive open responsive move call for project proposals, we can announce the first round of projects to receive funding. 



PI Institution

Project Title 

Professor Turner Strathclyde University Modelling the Distribution of Costs from Network Upgrades for Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Dr Abeysekera Cardiff University Decision support tool for the operation of public sector multi-energy systems.
Professor Abram Durham University  Control Rooms of the Future
Professor Cockerill University of Leeds Using storage to decarbonise electricity consumption
Dr Winskel University of Edinburgh Interdisciplinary research for energy systems integration: understanding and promoting good practice
Professor Falcone University of Glasgow Repurposing hydrocarbon wells for geothermal energy production and storage
Dr Cross University of Edinburgh Peer to Peer trading in the real world and exploring the potential of blockchain technologies in integrated energy systems

CESI Flex Fund Project updates - Jan 2019

At our recent International Scientific Advisory Board Meeting, the CESI Flex Fund project teams presented an update on their plans and progress on their projects. 

Information presented is available by downloading this file - CESI Flex Fund Project updates - Jan 2019