National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

CESI Flex Fund

CESI Flex fund

Through our £800,000 fund, we support collaborative, high quality, energy systems research.

Energy integration

The newly launched EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration’s £800,000 research fund provides support to UK energy systems researchers through:

  • Responsive Mode Funding
  • Directed Calls

This is this first responsive mode call for proposals for collaborative research. We are seeking research proposals from universities (or other institutions eligible to hold Research Council awards) to provide additional resources and skills to the CESI whole energy systems research.  

Aims of the Call

This first call is aimed at expanding the institutions collaborating with CESI. We request proposals that add value to the work already programmed and provide one or more of the following criteria to CESI:-

  • Extend or enhance our research programme
  • Link aspects to other UKRI research programmes
  • Address gaps
  • Introduce new organisations to the CESI consortium
  • Introduce new skills and disciplines to the CESI consortium
  • Fits with the UKRI mission of ensuring research and innovation continues to flourish in the UK
  • For innovations identified in whole energy systems sector within the last 24 months
    • Investigates emerging challenges and opportunities
    • Introduces emerging tools, techniques and/or methods 
Funding Available

A minimum of £200,000 available resource for this 1st call with a  funding level of 80% of full economic costs (FEC) with maximum funding per project in this call of £50,000 (FEC). 


We would like to keep the latitude for proposals wide to allow for maximum multi-disciplinary participation and inclusion. To assist, however, we suggest some of the areas we would be expecting to be covered. Please note the list is not exhaustive: -

  • Whole energy systems approach
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches to the transport, heat and electricity challenge in the UK 
  • Systems integration including generation and storage
  • Smart technology
  • Energy Markets
  • Energy Demand and Energy Use 
  • Whole systems analysis
  • Energy Systems Risk and Security
  • Bottom-up energy systems modelling 
  • Temporal and spatial considerations in energy systems modelling 
  • Energy Systems Demonstrators 

There is a two-step evaluation process for applications 

  1. Submission of a 400 work expression of interest submission to the Centre (this has now been completed)
  2. Shortlisted EOIs invited to submit a fully costed proposals (this is now in progress)
Full Details 

The call for expression of interest has closed and a shortlist of applicants have been asked to submit more detailed funding proposals. The full details of the call, eligibility and how to apply are contained in ‌‌this document:-  FFC1-Full-Proposal


The full proposal can be made through the online form (link within the process document - link above) or via templates provided by the Centre Manager if preferred. 


Each call for proposals is developed by the CESI Operational Committee, guided by the advice of the CESI Industrial Innovation Board (IIB) and International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB). The CESI IIB and ISAB comprise of independent chairs and industrial and academic experts. The membership represents a range of disciplines and sectors relevant to CESI’s whole systems energy research. They ratify the final funding decisions. 

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