National Centre for Energy Systems Integration



Findhorn is an ecovillage near Inverness in North East Scotland. It has approximately 300 residents and 30 community and commercial buildings, such as shops, offices and cafes.

The Findhorn community aims to minimise its impact on the environment, for example through energy efficient buildings and use of renewable energy.

Findhorn’s energy system includes:

  • Onshore wind turbines
  • Community owned electricity distribution network
  • 250kW Biomass boiler
  • Building-mounted solar photovoltaic
  • Building integrated solar hot water system
  • Small biomass district heating system
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging point

We are using Findhorn’s energy system infrastructure to learn more about:

  • The factors affecting the energy consumption of village residents
  • How we can meet the energy trilemma for the village, balancing cost, carbon and resilience
  • This will be the the 1st scenario for our Co-evolution Cycles
Findhorn_Ecovillage_gen purpose
Findhorn Ecovillage; Image credit: Findhorn Foundation