National Centre for Energy Systems Integration


The Integrated Transport Gas Electric Research Laboratory (InTEGReL) is based in Low Thornley, Gateshead.  It is the UK’s first multi-vector integrated energy systems research and demonstration facility investigating utility scale infrastructure.

Newcastle University is working in partnership with Northern Gas Networks and Northern Powergrid to develop Integrated Transport Electricty Gas Research Laboratory (InTEGReL) as a test bed for future energy solutions.

Once fully developed, the site will include:

  • Solar photovoltaics
  • Natural gas
  • Hydrogen
  • Combined heat and power heating
  • Combined heat and power individual occupancy
  • Heat and power district heating
  • Electric power
  • Electric heating
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Hydrogen powered vehicle charging

We are using the InTEGReL site to learn more about:

  • The value of taking a whole systems approach to the energy system, looking at cost, carbon and resilience
  • Investigating the interactions between energy vectors at a network utility scale
  • How consumers switching between gas and electricity affects the energy system, for example:
    • In an all-electric energy system
    • Comparing ambient temperature with demands on a gas network system
    • Energy demand in a coupled, gas-electric system

View the InTEGReL Video 'Pioneering an integrated energy future' 

Find out more about InTEGReL: InTEGReL-Briefing-Note PDF 1.5KB