National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Abeysekera - CAR

Dr Abeysekera

School of Engineering, Cardiff University

Project Title

Decision support tool for the operation of public sector multi-energy systems

Principle Investigator:

Dr Abeysekera        Cardiff University 

Project Team:

Professor Wu          Cardiff University 
Professor Jenkins    Cardiff University

Project Partners:

UK Cabinet Office
University of Warwick Estates Department
Energy Systems Catapult

Project Summary

The public sector is the largest single buyer of gas and electricity in the UK. Public organisations such as hospitals and universities often own and operate an on-site multi-energy supply system. Currently, there are no tools available to improve the day to day operation of these energy supply systems. The gap between sophisticated academic research and the simple approaches required by site energy mangers hinders the potential benefits of local multi-energy systems from being realised. This project will develop a methodology to evaluate operation decisions of multi-energy systems and demonstrate it through a spread-sheet based decision support tool.

Project Deliverables

FFC1-020 Final Report is here and it features a case study on the University of Warwick energy system. 

Poster summarising two case studies.

FFC1-020 Project consortium