National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Abram - DUR

Professor Abram

Department of Anthropology, Durham University

Project Title

Control Rooms of the Future: Coordinating Supply and Demand in Integrated Energy Systems

Principle Investigator:

Professor Abram        Durham University


Dr Silvast                  Durham University

Project Partners:

Northern Gas Networks
Northern Powergrid

Project Summary

Current systems for balancing energy supply and demand facing challenges from technological and system changes, including automation, smart grids, system integration, distributed power etc. This project investigates the resultant challenges for control-room integration in a changing institutional and operational context. These include the need to balance supply and demand across different energy vectors, workplace challenges for control room operators who are used to working only with one system, and broader institutional questions of responsibility, accountability, and governance that currently follow sector-specific logics and priorities.


Published outcomes

Abram, S., & Silvast, A. (2021). Flexibility of real-time energy distribution: the changing practices of energy control rooms.

CESI Working paper January 2020

Title: Control Rooms of the Future – Energy System Integrations in practice
Authors: Simone Abram, Haris Patsios, Andrew Wright, Antti SIlvast, Hamid Hosseini, Adib Allahham
PDF: Control Rooms of the future  

Final Report

Final report is here: Control Rooms of the Future Final Report

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