National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Falcone - GLA

Professor Falcone

Rankine Chair of Energy Engineering, University of Glasgow

Project Title 

Repurposing Hydrocarbon Wells for Geothermal Energy Production and Storage

Principle Investigator

Professor Falcone                University of Glasgow

Project Team:

Dr Westaway                      University of Glasgow 

Project Partners:

Perenco UK
Schlumberger Cambridge Research Ltd

Project Summary

An interdisciplinary approach to deep geothermal systems is key to decarbonising heat in the UK (~50% of total energy demand) to honour emissions-reduction commitments. High technical and economic risk at the exploration stage is a major constraint on the development of deep geothermal energy projects. Targeting well-characterised hydrocarbon reservoirs can reduce risk and drilling costs.

Starting with public-domain data in the UK, potential candidate wells and sites will be screened. A selection of case studies will be analysed to assess the feasibility of various repurposing concepts; social feasibility will also be assessed by engagement with potential end-users.