National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Cockerill - Leeds

Professor Cockerill

Chair In Efficient Energy Utilisation, University of Leeds

Project Title:

Using storage to decarbonise electricity consumption

Principle Investigator:

Professor Cockerill  University of Leeds

Project Team:

Dr Pimm                University of Leeds

Dr Palczewski         University of Leeds

Project Partners:

Leeds City Council
National Grid SO
University of Leeds Estates

Project Summary:

This project will develop operational approaches for electricity storage (including EV charging) that prioritise greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction. Our research will delve into the tensions between economic and environmental objectives that exist when deploying and operating storage in this way.

Working with our project partners, we will extend recent developments in the real-time forecasting of Great Britain’s grid carbon intensity. The outputs will allow us to investigate how GHG considerations could be prioritised when operating electricity storage, both nationally and in particular regions. Our findings will be validated by a battery storage system at the University of Leeds. We are pleased to be able to collaborate with CESI in this research, which has the potential to influence future storage deployment. 

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Published outcomes

Journal Papers

A.J. Pimm, J. Palczewski, E.R. Barbour, T.T. Cockerill (2021).  Using Electricity storage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Applied Energy, 282, Part A, 116119.

Conference papers

A. J. Pimm, E. R. Barbour, T. T. Cockerill and J. Palczewski, Evaluating the regional potential for emissions reduction using energy storage, 2019 Offshore Energy and Storage Summit (OSES), BREST, France, 2019, pp. 1-6

Other publications

A. J. Pimm, J. Palczewski,  T. T. Cockerill. (2019). Using storage to decarbonise electricity consumption. University of Leeds-CESI Flex fund project briefing note. 3pp
Download the briefing note: CESI FFC1 Briefing note: Using storage to decarbonise electricity consumption (PDF: 0.23MB)