National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Winskel - EDI

Dr Winskel

School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

Project Title

Interdisciplinary research for energy systems integration: understanding and promoting good practice

Principle Investigator

Dr Winskel            University of Edinburgh

Project Team:

Dr Hannon            University of Strathclyde

Ms Low                 University of Strathclyde

Dr Silvast              Durham University

Project Partners:

Scottish Government
UK Committee on Climate
UK Energy Research Centre
Energy Technologies Partnership

Project Summary

There is an accumulating body of knowledge on whole energy systems research designs and methods, but this is scattered among different centres and networks – creating missed opportunities for learning from experience. Our project will assess whole energy systems research designs and methods, and their relevance for CESI’s energy systems integration research programme. The project will leverage existing capacity in UK and international research and intermediary organisations, and undertake original research on energy system integration research designs and methods. The project will directly support CESI’s research programme, and benefit other similar initiatives in the UK and internationally.

Executive summary and recommendations