National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Grothey - EDI

Dr Grothey

School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh

Project Title

Multidisciplinary model integration environment

Principal Investigator:

Dr Grothey, University of Edinburgh

Project Team:

Project Consultant:

Professor Frangioni, Università di Pisa

Project Summary

The project will create a starting point for an integrated modelling environment that facilitates efficient interaction of models from different disciplines using different methodologies (optimization, simulation, quantitative/qualitative) and written in different languages. The main emphasis on the project is to develop a common interface to communicate between models. Within the scope of the project will also to populate the environment with a few sample models and to provide extensive guidelines/tutorials to other parts of CESI and third parties to enable them to integrate their models with the environment.


Logos of project partners in CESI FF2 project 001- Multi-disciplinary model integration approaches, methods & environments (PI Grothey)