National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Powells - NU

Dr Powells

School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, Newcastle University

Project Title

Understanding and performing translation between qualitative and quantitative research within CESI

Principal Investigator:

Dr Powells, Newcastle University

Project Team:

Project Summary

The project will provide an overview of some methods and tools for translating between qualitative and quantitative research and under what circumstances they may be suitable. One of these tools will be applied to a particular case study in CESI. This will involve translation of some qualitative elements from at least one narrative scenario for the North of Tyne Combined Authority to quantitative inputs for identified CESI models using a structured expert judgement elicitation. Views as to expected quantitative outputs will also be sought during the expert elicitation process. The model outputs, found using Monte Carlo simulation, will be analysed against expert views and checked for coherence and consistency both with the initial narrative scenarios and the CESI models.

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