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DEI Fourth Annual Research Symposium: Is Renewable Energy Sustainable?

This symposium will explore the material demands and technology of renewable energy as well as asking how we might use energy more efficiently

Date/Time: Friday 28th September, 08:30-17:10

Venue: Durham University, Calman Learning Centre, Rosemary Cramp Lecture Theatre

The industrial revolution occurred because humanity started to exploit fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) in large quantities. We remain addicted to fossil fuels burning them at the rate of around 20 million times faster than the Earth can accumulate them. The results of fossil fuel use are many fold and include the near doubling of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere and the consequential impact on climate change.

In order to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide we must switch our energy sources from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources which convert wind, moving water and solar energy into power, plants to biofuels and capture the sun's heat - all in the name of sustainability; but is renewable energy sustainable?

This free symposium is open to academics, industry specialists, policy makers, energy planners, funders and energy professionals as well as community groups, students and the general public.

Come along to take part in the discussion and inform the debate on whether renewable energy is sustainable.

Symposium Sessions

  • The Circular Economy
  • Energy Materials
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Heat 
  • Keynote speech
  • Three minute Thesis (3MT) Competition

You can view the full programme for the day here.


CESI is sponsoring this year's Photography Competition and the 3MT CompetitionThe results from both competitions will be announced at the conference.

The Photography Competition is open to all. Each symposium delegate will receive a voting slip on registration. 

The 3MT competition is open to all HEI PhD and MSc students.


Prizes will be awarded in both competitions:

  • 1st place - £100
  • 2nd place - £50 
  • 3rd place - £25

This event is free but registration is essential for catering purposes.