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Webinar - Open Communication Protocols for Smart charging: Real world demonstrators

Hosted by Newcastle University in conjunction with The Alan Turing Institute, CESI and Supergen Energy Networks, the Smart Charging webinar series continues with Open Communication Protocols for Smart Charging: Real world demonstrators.

Date/Time: Weds 30th October 2019, 16:00-17:15 GMT

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16:00-16:20 Allego Smart Charging Solution
Mereille Klein Koerkamp, Allego, NL

16:20-16:40 Smart Charging Solution in Electric Nation project
Lennart Verheijen, GreenFlux, NL

16:40-17:00 OpenDSR (BEIS) project
Ben Aylott, Carbon Co-op, UK

17:00-17:15 Q&A

Bios and talk descriptions

Talk 1: Mereille Klein Koerkamp

Mereille Klein Koerkamp has been working for 10 years in the world of E-mobility at Allego and its predecessors. Within Allego, Mereille is responsible for the Allego cloud based smart charging solution. By applying a cloud based solution, Allego is able to combine EV-driver needs with requests for flexibility, for instance by grid operators.

Mereille will explain the Allego smart charging solution and which protocols are used for sharing information.

Talk 2: Lennart Verheijen

Lennart Verheijen worked within the Dutch grid operator Enexis for 6 years on the topic of smart grids, flexibility and specifically the integration of electric vehicles into the distribution grid. Five years ago he changed to the commercial sector and started at GreenFlux, a company that provides white label platform solutions for charge point operators and e-Mobility Service Providers. Lennart Verheijen is the manager of the product development and innovation department and ultimately responsible for all subsidized and commercial innovation projects, which are quite often related to smart charging.

Mr. Verheijen was responsible for the creation of the Open Smart Charging Protocol version 1.0 in 2013 and involved in the current development of the 2.0 version of this protocol. Also was he actively involved in the smart charging incorporation in OCPP 1.6 in 2015. He has been project leader of nearly 20 smart grid/smart charging projects, the Electric Nation project being the largest so far.

Lennart Verheijen will present the outline and findings of the Electric Nation project. This three year project, consisting of 700 EV-drivers and chargers at peoples homes, spread out over all of England, is the largest smart charging project in the world so far. Three different smart charging regimes were tested, yielding very large amounts of data and unique insights in customer perception and acceptance of smart charging. In this project, GreenFlux served as the technology provider. For a preview, see also

Talk 3: Ben Aylott

Ben Aylott is an Energy Systems Engineer at Carbon Co-op with 5 years experience in designing and implementing demand side response and smart energy systems. He is the project lead for OpenDSR, a UK government (BEIS) funded project awarded under the Domestic Demand Side Response Competition, which is developing and testing a standards based and open source system for DSR for use in homes and small businesses with close integration with the new UK smart metering system.

Ben Aylott will present an overview of the design and development of the OpenADR and OCPP-based system for demand side response and smart electric vehicle charging in the OpenDSR project. This will consider some of the challenges of using these protocols in the context of home and building energy management system use cases in the UK.

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