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CESI Research Conference 2018

Breadth of CESI research presented at the first CESI Research Conference.

CESI recently welcomed nearly 50 researchers from across the consortium to its Newcastle HQ at the Urban Sciences Building on Newcastle Helix.

The conference, which took place on 6 July 2018, gave the opportunity for CESI academics and researchers to meet and discuss their CESI research.  The day comprised sessions hosted by each CESI work package, providing a showcase of current CESI research, scenario modelling results and the chance to hear about future plans.

CESI early career researchers and PhD students delivered presentations on their own work.

Work Package 1: Commercial, Regulatory and Policy Aspects

Session Chair: Professor Gordon MacKerron, University of Sussex

  • Can hydrogen decarbonise “hard to electrify” practices in UK homes?
    Gareth Powells and Matthew Scott, Newcastle University
  • A hybrid scenario approach for improvements in energy futures
    Claire Copeland, University of Sussex
  • The Social Construction of Whole Systems Energy models
    Antti Silvast, Simone Abram, Durham University
    Claire Copeland, University of Sussex

Work Package 2: Energy Supply

Session Chair: Professor Simon Hogg, Durham University

  • Response Surface Model for PV Output in Findhorn Village
    Carlos J Ferrandon-Cervantes, Behzad Kazemtabrizi, Matthias Troffaes, Durham University
  • Developing a Wind Farm Power Curve Model by Machine Learning
    Zihao Li, Gareth Harrison, Harry Van der Weijde, University of Edinburgh

Work Package 3: Infrastructure and Storage

Session Chair: Professor Tony Roskilly, Newcastle University

  • Energy supply and storage potential of the UK’s abandoned coal mines
    Charlotte Adams, Jon Gluyas, Durham University
  • Use of Battery-based Storage for Balancing the Transmission System in Presence of Renewables
    Desen Kirli, University of Edinburgh
  • Using Demand Side Response and Storage Combinations for Relieving Future Power Network Constraints
    Faisal Farooq, Newcastle University

Work Package 4: Energy Demand

Session Chair: Professor David Flynn, Heriot-Watt University

  • Blockchain technology in the energy sector. A review of challenges and opportunities
    Merlinda Andoni, Heriot-Watt University
  • Stochastic and probabilistic behavioural patterns for building simulation
    Peter McCallum, Heriot-Watt University
  • Optimisation of Hybrid Energy Systems for Maritime Vessels
    Wenshuo Tang, Heriot-Watt University

Work Package 5: Validation and Demonstration

Session Chairs: Professor Phil Taylor, Newcastle University

  • Validation and Demonstration: Data, Models and Experiments
    Phil Taylor, Martin Feeney, Hamid Hosseini
  • Exploring Smart Meter Data using Microsoft Power BI
    Mike Simpson, Newcastle University
  • Using multi-vector demonstrators as enablers of energy network modernisation
    Natalia-Maria Zografou-Barredo, Newcastle University

Work Package 6: Multiscale Architectures, Planning and Operation

Session Chair: Professor Gareth Harrison, University of Edinburgh

  • Trilemma Evaluation Framework for Whole Integrated Energy Systems
    Ali El Hadi Berjawi, Newcastle University
  • Segmenting Residential Smart Meter Data for Short-Term Load Forecasting
    Alexander J M Kell, A S McGough, M Forshaw, Newcastle University
  • An Affine Arithmetic-based Method for Optimal Operation of Active Distribution Network with High Wind Penetration
    Duo Fang, Wei Sun, Sasa Djokic, University of Edinburgh
  • The Operational Model of Integrated Gas and Electricity Networks
    Adib Allahham, Hamid Hosseini, Newcastle University
  • Optimisation-based Decision Support via Uncertainty Quantification
    Hailiang Du, Michael Goldstein, Durham University
    Wei Sun, University of Edinburgh
  • An energy-hub model for integrated energy system with flexible loads using multi-objective optimisation
    Jingjie Yang, Wei Sun, Gareth Harrison, University of Edinburgh
CESI Conference Programme 2018
CESI Conference Programme 2018

published on: 17 July 2018