Flow Cytometry Core Facility



Our software helps you analyse acquired data quickly and efficiently, remote from the instruments.

Accessing the software

You can access a comprehensive suite of flow cytometry analysis software at each of our two sites. If you require any help in using the software below to analyse your data please contact a member of the FCCF team and we will assist you with your analysis.

FCS Express 6

We have a site license for this software. Visit their website for information and Contact Us for access

Diva Software

This is for running BD instrumentation. Download the reference guide (PDF: 3.7 MB).

FCAP Array Software

This is for bead based multiplex assays (CBA assays).


This is for offline analysis of data. Visit their website for information and technical support.

Modfit Software

This is for curve fitting ie DNA analysis. Visit their website for information and technical support.