Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Encountering Problems

Encountering Problems

Here are a few points for support if you're having trouble using our instruments.

The points below will help you troubleshoot common issues. If you have any other questions, please contact us

Trouble acquiring events

Remember to click the 'little green arrow' to the left hand side of your tube.

If this is not clicked, the software will not let you acquire. 

Cells have disappeared

If your cells have disappeared, check that the FSC and SSC settings the same as previously used.

The cytometer may have reverted to higher FSC and SSC, pushing your cells off axis.

No events appearing

If no events appear, it is likely that the instrument is either blocked or has air bubbles causing problems inside the flow cell.

Contact a member of staff to help you rectify the issue.

Also check your sample doesn’t contain any clumps of cells which can block the instrument.

If you can see any particulate material this will block the instrument. Your sample will require filtering before running again. 

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