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INU7154 - Interactive Lectures

Dealing with the difference between how words are written and how they are spoken

Course overview

  • Course duration: single session
  • Course dates: week commencing 12 February 2024
  • University weeks: 24
  • Sessions per week: 1
  • Length of session: 1 hour

About the course:

These one-off lectures aim to help you answer the question 'How do I improve my listening & speaking?'.

Each session:

  • presents a key listening and/or speaking problem
  • offers strategies to tackle those problems

This session will present strategies you can use to improve your recognition of words and phrases in listening. Specifically when the speaker has a strong accent or speaks quickly.

What do I need to do to register for this course?

You will need to register for this course in person.

Follow the instructions on our online registration system RISE: